The Benefits of Hula

Hula VirginiaCultural Enrichment!

It exposes a child/Student to various traditions, language, foods, etc. This exposure can crate opportunity for him/her to experience differences positively.  It helps him/her understand the important difference between positive self-esteem and feeling superior.

Get Healthy Through Hula!

Raise your body's metabolism while burning off excess calories while dancing HULA.  Proven curriculum that builds balance, confidence, coordination, discipline, energy, flexibility, stamina, and rhythm. 

Enrich Your Body and Mind!

 Be an open calabash, learn something everyday!  An idle mind is the devil's workshop €“ and the devil's name is Alzheimer - this way you keep young!

Nurturing Environment/ Ohana!

Become a dancer and you'll look forward to attending your next dance activity.  Fellow dancers will help and encourage in your growth.   Dance classes, rehearsals, shows and parties add to a new set of friends.   It gives one the opportunity to learn teamwork.  It develops lasting friendship. 

Do Something Fun Together!

Hula provides a fun activity for you and your mom / dad to enjoy as a family. Parent / child classes are entertaining as well as informative. You'll share many laughs and enjoy the bond between you strengthen as you learn a new hobby together.

Hula VirginiaCreate Balance in Your Life!

Our lives are bombarded with technology that we have lost touch with our bodies.  Dancing improves your posture, the way you carry and project yourself, how you interact with others, your level of self-confidence, as well as your mental attitude.

Expand and Increase Your Horizons!

Dancing in a group setting is fun!  The social interaction gives one that extra motivational push to keep going!  If one gets board dancing alone, group synergy can help keep boredom at bay.  New friends to enjoy while learning a new dance.

Transport Yourself to the Islands with Cultural Music!

Music is in our blood!  Chanting, singing, drumming, playing musical instruments has been with us through the ages.  Music lifts our spirits as it helps relieve our stresses and worries. 

It's Inexpensive!

Compared to other recreational activities and hobbies, HULA is very inexpensive. You can take an hour dance class and receive all of the benefits listed above as you learn a valuable lifelong skill.  Skill that you learn in hula, you take through life.