About Us

Halau Hula O Ke Anueneu Punahele was founded in the Fall of 1985 in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Cherry Pualani Nutting founded the group when several girls in her previous halau asked her for private lessons to improve their dance. She obliged and since then has been teaching. Hawaiian group in the Virginia area that is serious on historical research is Halau hula o Ke Anuenue Punahele . Yes, Cherry does require her students extensive research to ensure that they are intimately familiar with the Hawaiian language and the historical background of each dance. Note that for the past 15 years or so, while working full time at the Department of the Navy, Cherry formulated and nurtured this halau to the standards of "old Hawaii."


Group name and Mission

Ke Anuenue Punahele (Favorite Rainbow) in ancient times, a rainbow meant "under the protection and guidance of the Ali'i (Kings/Chiefs) and Kapunas (elders). Under their blessing and guidance, we work on perpetuating our Hawaiian culture. Ke Anuenue Punahele, different races, different life style, different professions working in harmony to perpetuate the ancient dance and traditions of Hawai'i through study of the Hawaiian language, historical research, Hawaiian cultural skill (crafts) and dance.


Group logo

LogoIpu heke on our left represent the modern Hawai'i and it is closer to our hearts. Pahu drum on the right represent our Ali'i (Kings/Chiefs) and Kapunas (elders) who under their guidance and protection will guide us in our "Hula journey". The rainbow joining and enclosing the logo represents all the haumana that comes into our halau who is a vital member through their hard work and contrition. Diamond Head is in the background to represent our origin - Aiea, Oahu, Hawai'i. "Book" is to represent all knowledge handed down orally or through research done by the kumu (teacher/source of knowledge) and all the haumana (student).


Halau Statement

The halau intends to promote the ALOHA SPRIT/HAWAIINESS though our being intimately familiar with the Hawaiian language (olelo), extensive historical research, Hawaiian crafts and dance. We intend to grow in knowledge, strength and still be humble/thankful for all this opportunity given to us. The ALOHA SPRIT, HUMILITY, PATIENCE, DICIPLINE and UNDERSTANDING is the key to each one's success as halau "ohana" (family). Selfishness, arrogance and self promotion will not be part of this halau, members choosing this would be required to leave the halau. Members will learn to take care of each other "ohana" style while developing or rediscovering our heritage. It is with much LOVE, ALOHA SPRIT, HUMILITY, PATIENCE, DICIPLINE and UNDERSTANDING that our halau will help you grow (mentally and physically) and help your throughout all the phases of your life, in and out of Hawaiian/ hula / halau world. Commitment to our goals and dedication to the halau is expected of all members.


"LUV2HULA" Trademark

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